Migration and change

In these interviews 12 people have told us about change: 

These are individual lives, not necessarily representative of others.  At this moment, millions of people are on the move across the world – to find a better life, escape danger or join loved ones. 

Immigration is an emotive political issue but, whatever people’s views at one moment in time, migration has been a fact throughout human history and will continue to be so. People move: and when they do so it changes them and changes the places they move to. 

These interviews give us a sense of what migration to one small part of London over half a century has meant for those who came: the way they changed and how they understand and reflect on their own lives and the choices they made. 

As for how migration has changed Leyton – and every part of this country – some of our interviewees express their views. Most (but not all) cherish and celebrate the wide diversity of cultures and feel that they have made Leyton a place they love. But change is happening again, and gentrification brings new migrants. 

Things to think about

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