A changing community

In some of the interviewees talk about how they think Leyton’s community and environment have changed since they first moved here. 

 Things to think about and discuss

Things to do 

The cards contain statements summarising what some of the interviewees say about change in their community. Match them to the speakers. (Download the cards here)

Choose an area close to your school (a shopping centre, maybe, or a cluster of streets) and look for evidence of migration in the built environment. Examples in Leyton, for example, include:

If you can get hold of large scale OS maps of your locality made at different times in the past  (try Godfrey Editions or Cassini Past and Present  www.cassinimaps.com – or your local history museum), you can compare them with a current map, looking for changes that may have been linked to migration (for example, fast growing population in the 19th century reflected in new built up areas, growth of places of worship in the late 20th century) 

 If you can get hold of photos of your local area in the past (try your local history archive or local press, or search online), compare them with photos you take now and create a display showing how the area has changed and pointing out evidence of changes due to migration. 

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