Working lives

Angela, Jane, Vinodrai and Kubra's father were already working before they came to the UK and had to earn a living on arrival.

  Angela talks about her working life at the age of five in rural Cyprus, the long time it took before she could finally get to Britain, and how moving here changed her life.

Jane describes the challenges of working as a French teacher in London schools and the ignorance and sometimes direct prejudice she encountered.

Kubra lists her father’s changing occupations since he migrated from Pakistan.

Vinodrai was expelled from Uganda and set up business running a corner shop in Leyton. He talks about the struggles he faced from people’s attitudes in those early years.

Things to think about and discuss

What words would you use to describe Angela’s working life in her early years in Leyton? And Vinodrai’s? And Jane’s?

What do their experiences tell us about Leyton in the 1960s and 1970s?

How positive or negative is each interviewee about their life here, and why?

In what ways have Vinodrai, Angela, Jane and Kubra’s family contributed to life in this country and the wider community?

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