In people talk about their life in Leyton: their first impressions, what it has been like living in Leyton and how they feel about Leyton now. As you listen and watch, note down how positive or negative they feel in Table 2.

Things to think about and discuss

What impression of Leyton do we get from these comments?

What do some of the people being interviewed dislike about Leyton? What do they like?

Overall, is their impression positive or negative?

Think about how you feel about the place where you live and discuss this with others. Do any of the views in the clips echo with your own, or the feelings of people you know?

Things to do

Moving meant big changes in all these people’s lives. Even if you were born where you live now, you have still started a new school at least once in your life. You may have moved home or, like the people in these clips, migrated from overseas.

Try writing about the experience of starting in a new place. It could be based on your own life, the life of someone you know, or one of the people in the clips. You could write about changing school, moving home or coming here from another country.

Together you could create a class mural or graffiti wall filled with views about living in your own locality. These could be your own views and those you collect through interviews.

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