Introduction to the learning resources

All the activities that follow spring from the life stories of twelve people who left their homes all over the world to come and live in East London. Watching and listening to what they, thinking, discussing and doing connected activities will help you:

  • understand the lives of people who migrate and how they see their lives
  • think about your own life and experiences where you live
  • understand the wider background to migration
  • think about the impact of migration on a receiving community 
  • appreciate the value of oral history as well as possible problems 
  • carry out your own investigations into the history of your family, community or local area 

 Some of the clips are short and others are much longer, giving interviewees a chance to tell their stories or share their views. Each theme – with linked clips and activities – is on a separate page so that teachers can choose what may suit single lessons or longer enquiries. 

Teachers can use clips for their own purposes, without being tied to our activities. 

A full set of Notes for Teachers in the Teacher's Pack can be downloaded here. This includes background notes on patterns of migration to the UK and full transcripts of all the video clips.

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